Delicate fabrics and hand embroidered details for special occasions.


Classic silhouettes and delicate details for parties, picnics, or any casual outing.


Cotton fabrics and vibrant designs for playtime or any time.


Heirloom style christening gowns and accessories for newborn to 12 months.

Our Roots

The spirit of fashion has been in our family for generations. From our great-great-grandmother down to our youngest lady, our appreciation for style and sophistication has only grown with time.

At Bell & Ivy Children's Atelier we hope to nurture an appreciation for fine dressing in the next generation.  A Bell & Ivy child dresses for the occasion in age appropriate refined style as a sign of respect for themselves and the company of others.  From special occasions to casual wear, our array of designs will help you teach your child the importance of  personal presentation and building self esteem.

Our Mission

All of our dresses are handmade (excluding a sewing machine). We make our own patterns, cut our own fabric, and assemble everything in our workshop. You can be sure each piece we make has been made by someone who cares for the quality of our work. 

Watch our designs walk down the runway, courtesy of the Florida Wedding Expo.

Daughter Age 6, 2020

Bell & Ivy Children's Atelier specializes in vintage inspired special occasion dresses for flower girls, baptisms, holy communions, pageants, weddings, graduations, parties, and birthdays.

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